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Quicklinks News: 02.01.2014 “Heaven” another video release from our current album.  
07.03.2014 Release of the 1st  single “Zero Gravity” of the upcoming album “Humanoid” to the shop  NEWS ARCHIVE 02.05.2014 Release of the 2nd  single “Running out” of the upcoming album “Humanoid” to the shop  19.09.2014 Release of the 4th  single “Wake up” of the upcoming album “Humanoid”  to the shop  07.07.2014 Release of the 3rd  single “Humanoid” of the upcoming equivocal album  to the shop  22.11.2014 We joined the booking agency Eventmenagement FFM (For Future Music) 28.11.2014 Finally our new Album “Humanoid” has been released! Go to the Shop 12.12.2014 Paranoid Android got nominated as act of the month in the Orkus magazine December / January! Please vote here: p=vote&id=55 currently no dates confirmed 12.04.2014 The total gig at the High Voltage in Nobitz is now on You Tube!
21.06.2015 We proudly announce our Tourdates with the Clan of Xymox 13.02.2016 Das Bett Frankfurt 19.02.2016 From Hell Erfurt 20.02.2016 Bunker Dresden 21.02.2016 Logo Hamburg 06.12.2015 The video of the track “Zero gravity” from the album “Humanoid” has been released on Youtube!
12.10.2015 The brandnew video of the title track of the album “Humanoid” has been released on Youtube!
06.03.2016 The videos of our tour with Clan of Xymox are now online on youtube! Here is the full playlist