Impressum 13.04.2012 The new album “No way out” had been released on “Echozone”. It is how avalilable on Amazon, itunes.. etc.. Chech out our shop!   28.04.2012 Vote for us on facebook to play the Dark Munich Festival 10.06.2012 The Regensburger Gothic Gathering will take place in a  “light” version only. That means bands will play ony on saturday.  Unfortunately Paranoid Android were scheduled for friday :-(.    23.07.2012 New Live-Gigs confirmed / 1st ever acustic set of Guido Vortex at After Dark Fashion Shop in Cologne!   26.08.2012 Line Ups complete for the 31.08.2012 (+ Highersense & Chrom) and  12.10.2012 (+X-In June & Lost in Desire) 29.09.2012 Now on this hompage under the category music Remixes of Paranoid Android Songs and by Guido Vortex of other artists as well as Cover Versions by Paranoid Android of famous tunes!   03.11.2012 Paranoid Android confirmed for Unbaco Band Contest on 12.01.2013 bestätigt! 26.11.2012 Guido Vortex cooperates with the as well as talented as beautiful Licia Missori. Together they cove “just like heaven” of The Cure. Licia on piano, Guido on vocals. 
11.12.2012 Paranoid Android entered the final round of the voting for the the Benfiz for Kids Festival. Thanx for your votes! 23.12.2012 Guido Vortex remixed the Cold Wave Minimal Klassiker “Twinkling Stars” of Nine Circles einen Remix gemacht! (see also Remixes)
News archive: 03.01.2013 The voting or the final round of the Benfiz for Kids Festival has begun. Plese vote for us. 06.01.2013 The voting for the final round of the Benfiz for Kids Festival has been cancelled due to spoofing atempts.. Now the bands to play are selected by draw. 17.02.2013 Our booking for the WGT Wave Gotik Treffen (Wave Gothic Meet) in Leipzig (Germany) has ben confirmed. We will be playing on May 20th 2013 in the Absintherie Sixtina. We are really delighted to play there and we are looking forward to the event. View more details here.
18.03.2013 The video to the titeltrack “No way out” of the current album is finished! Release date will be 01.04.2013. Featuring the Chaos Team: Dr. Merk Benecke Frl. Venus and Die Schwarze Witwe! Fotos of the Viedeo Shoot are here. 01.04.2013 The video to the titeltrack “No way out” of the current album is released! Featuring the Chaos Team: Dr. Mark Benecke, Fräulein Venus and Die Schwarze Witwe! All vids are found here.
31.05.2013 The mixdown of the live recording from our set at the RSE- Festival is finished and can be listened to and downloaded from Soundcloud (see below). New pics from WGT and RSE-Festival are here. 18.08.2013 The T-Shirts arrived. click here 17.10.2013 The live videos of the RSE-Festival are finally produced and uploaded on YouTube! You can find all of them here. As well among the vids a new song “Wake Up”  that will be featured on the next album “Humanoid”
21.11.2013  Upcomimng Radio Special dates ahead of the next album release of “Humanoid”   1.) 22.11.2014  19:00 - 20:00 Uhr Radio Darkfire 2.) 23.11.2014  17:00 - 18:00 Uhr Radio Vox Noctem 3.) 30.11.2014  20:00 - 21:00  Uhr Radio Dextera  4.) 02.12.2014  20:00 - 21:00 Uhr Radio Sankt Augustin  5.) 09.12.2014  19:00 - 20:00 Uhr Radio Hazard of Darkness 6.) 16.12.2014  20:00 - 21:00 Uhr SOS Radio